What do you do for fun?

Астана қаласы Р.Қошқарбаев атындағы №1 Қосшы орта мектебі

Ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі


Ағылшын тілі сабағы, 9 сынып

Мұғалім: Меирбекова Ж.М.

The theme: What do you do for fun?

The aim of the lesson:

  1. Developing of lexical and grammar skills.
  2. Developing memory and thinking through listening.
  3. Instilling interest in the English language.

Equipment: board, tables with the words and grammar structures, CD-player, video, cards with exercises, textbooks, vocabularies, copybooks.

Procedure of the lesson

I Warm up

  1. Fixing vocabulary. The words are written on the board, the letters are missed.

-facil…ty — -қайта ойнату

-leis…re — -толы

-document…ry — -жайлылық

-re…ord — -кассетаға жазу

-repl…y — -демалыс

-horribl… — -комедия

-depres…ing — — деректі фильм

-rel…xing — -қорқынышты

-overcr…wded — — депрессияға ұшыраған

-comed… — — босаңсыған

The task:

  • Who can read these words?
  • Read all together(chorus)
  • Put missing letters in the words
  • Translate into Kazakh
  • Translate into English
  • Matching

II Listening

– Let’s listen three fragments and complete the sentences, written on the board.

  • Laura likes …
  • Marat likes …
  • Mike likes …
  1. Laura : — Well, I walk, I hike, go horseback riding with my Dad. I also like to read and visit my friends. I have a funny friend. When we get together he makes everybody laugh. Sometimes I play the piano. So the most fun for me is being with my friends.
  2. Marat: -I like playing basketball, tennis and football. I also enjoy reading good books. My parents don’t have to force me to read them. I am also learning to cook, may be because I like having a good meal, and of course, going out to dinner – the most fun for me.
  3. Mike: — I like to play outside. I like to play cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians and spacemen with other kids. It’s also fun to chase girls and pull their hair. It’s also fun to play tricks on boys. Sometimes they get mad and call my brother. That’s also fun.

IIIOral work

While three pupils are working at the board , let’s look at the board and answer the question: What activities do you know? Name them.

  1. Divide activities into three groups:

—food— —sport— —art—

1… 1… 1…

2… 2… 2…

  1. Complete the sentences (on the board)

1)This activity is noisy.

2) This activity is quiet.

3) This activity is bad for my health.

4) This activity is good for my health.

5) This activity can be dangerous.

  1. What do you like most of all? (write on the board)
  2. What don’t you like most of all? (write on the board)

IVReading the text (p. 54)

  1. Answer the questions by the text.

V Writing on the board and in the copybooks

  1. Read the sentences and answer the question: Is it the same in your country?-
  • Cinema-going is a regular habit for many people.
  • There are more cinema-goers than theatre-goers.
  • Cinema is an entertainment in Astana.
  • You can buy tickets in large stores and hotels.

VIAnswer the question: Who usually likes watching?

  1. Soap operas
  2. Thrillers
  3. Cartoons
  4. Documentaries
  5. Rock concerts
  6. Horror films


Match the names of programmes on the left with the correct interpretation on the right. Ex.1 p.58

Phrasal verbs: (Turn on / Turn up / Turn off / Turn down)

  1. Translate into English, using the phrasal verbs – to turn-
  • Радиодан музыка тыңдайықшы. (Let’s turn on the radio.)
  • Бұл музыка тым қатты.(Please turn down the voice.)
  • О, жаңалықтарды хабарлап жатыр.(Turn up the voice!)
  • Жаңалықтар соншалықты ауыр.( Let’s turn off the radio.)
  1. Watching video

-Answer the question: What are the strong points? What are the weak points? What are the threats?

IX Conclusion What do you do for fun? Why?

X Giving home task

Ex. 4 p. 59

To learn new words

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